Watch Sunset on Phu Si Hill

Watch Sunset on Phu Si Hill
Watch Sunset on Phu Si Hill

Rising 150 metres above the centre of town, Mount Phousi cuts a distinctive figure on the Luang Prabang skyline. The hill is popular as a place to watch the sun rise or set over the Mekong River. From the summit you can enjoy a spectacular 360 degree outlook across the city and its many temples, and out over the surrounding landscape to the mountains in the distance. Count on spending a couple of hours for the climb and descent, with several stops to see the temples, rest under the shady trees and admire the magical views.Phu Si

The sunset in Phu Si Hill is one of the most breathtaking experiences of tourists who had visited Luang Prabang.

The hill is easy to find and located opposite the Royal Palace Museum. It’s only 100 metres to the top but it still took me around thirty minutes of panting, sweating and dry-heaving to get there. You’d think all this climbing and adventuring would have increased my fitness levels but apparently not…Sun Set

The walk to the top offers views of the mountains surrounding Luang Prabang, the point where the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers meet and there are even several temples you can explore along the way – be sure to head up there a few hours before sunset so you’ll have time to explore everything. Hill

This hill does not require a disturbing amount of walking, making it possible for anyone (within limit) to gain a great view of the unbeatable Laos sunset. As to be expected, there is a temple at the top of the hill, while you should give yourself plenty of time so you have a great view of sunset when it happens.Phu Si Hill

Halfway up the hill you can find the temple Wat Tham Phou Si and at the top of the hill is Wat Chom Si, another temple and the perfect place to watch the sunset. Don’t expect to be alone though – while I was up there I had to jostle for space with around a hundred other people!

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