Trek Landscape at Luang Namtha

Landscape at Luang Namtha

In the very north of Laos, close to the border with China, is the town of Luang Namtha, which as well as being the capital of the north is also best known as Laos’ best trekking and hiking spot. lnt_images_1

You can hire a local guide and immerse yourself in a hill tribe trek ensuring you take in the stunning Luang NamTha National Protected Area, which is home to a plethora of endemic flora and fauna.

Paddy Fields

Mountainous Luang Namtha province was the clear first choice for a national park for Laos  because of its huge biodiversity of plants and animals including the Tiger,Clouded Leopard, Pangolin, Asiatic black bear, Sun bear,gaur, over 300 hundred birds species and many other types of flora and fauna; many of which are found nowhere else in the world. A number of these species of large animals are globally threatened because they  have been hunted for centuries, especially as this part of northern Laos is a cultural crossroads for nomadic ethnicities over history. These species are very wary of people (as you would be after being hunted for centuries!) so are unlikely to be spotted by visitors.



Red Panda


The biggest natural allure of Luang Namtha province has got to be the Nam Ha NPA (also commonly misspelt as NamHa NPA) which was Lao’s first national park and an ASEAN national heritage site.44IMG_7095-Large

It is the second biggest national park in Laos at 222,400 square hectares which is a huge amount of the provinces land areaThe Nam Ha NPA’s main purpose is to protect habitat and biodiversity for the unique and amazing wildlife of northern Laos.

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