How to get and when to visit Attapeu in Laos?


Attapeu is the province located in the most southeastern tip of Laos. Famous for the ethnic diversity as well as the untamed nature, Attapeu is really worth a visit. Just spend little time to read below tips on Attapeu before going.

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Attapeu is one of the southernmost provinces of Laos which remains intact and captivating all year round. It is bordered by Sekong Province to the north and Champassak Province to the west. Its international border includes Vietnam to the east and Cambodia to the south. The provincial capital is SamakhiXai. For ages, Attapeu is home to various ethnic groups who create the harmoniously mixed culture. The nine main tribes include Katang, Kaleum, Nge, Alak, Katou, Lave, Katou, Tahoy, and Nyajeung.

Attapeu is home to various ethnic groups who create the harmoniously mixed culture (via Above The Fray Traditional Hilltribe Art)

Together with the interesting ethnic culture, this southernmost province owns the picturesque landscapes of mountain, valley, and river. Some sites in the confluence of the Sekong and Sekhamane Rivers become the ecotourism magnets for sightseeing and having a picnic. Generally speaking, the province is quite rugged, scenic, and intact. Parts of the Ho Chi Minh Trail is a nice experience to gather in Attapeu. Another authentic thing to do is to get up early and visit the traditional markets to meet lots of different minorities who trade there on a regular basis. Just find your spot to contemplate the local activities and gain some authentic feelings for them!

How to get by road

The bus is the most frequently used means of transport to reach Attapeu. In most circumstances, people take a bus from the Southern Bus Station in Vientiane to Attapeu. But if you get started from the other places (Sekong or Pakse), make sure you ask the residents if what bus brings you to the destination. The good sites to get knowledge about the departure times and prices are the transport station and the tourist information center for the foreigners alike. Otherwise, ask a reliable travel agent to order things before the trip. For instance, the distance between Pakse and Attapeu is 212km while the distance between Sekong and Attapeu is 77km. Once you get on the right bus towards the destination, just relax and wait for hours (around 4 hours from Sekong, for example), and then get off the bus to set foot in the intact shelter.

When to visit

Attapeu in Laos (via

There are two main seasons in Attapeu: the rainy and the dry seasons. Each person might have their perspectives about the best time to see Attapeu, but here is the common thought that most travelers are likely to share. Rich in ethnic diversity and intact nature, this southernmost province of Laos is ideal for the year-round trip.

  • May – October: These months shower the pristine destination with some rain that helps nature as fresh and dense as possible. It results in the fact that ecotourism from May and October is wonderful as the forest and waterfall can present their best beauty. However, traveling during this period requires you to come prepared with the umbrella, raincoat, and mosquito repellent. When you know it’s likely to rain, make sure you find a good shelter to hide.
  • November April: These are the dry and hot months which require you to bring the proper sun protection and water bottles. Though it takes sweat to enjoy hiking, the experience deserves your effort as the waterfall, lake, and ethnic village in Attapeu are all fantastic.

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