Laos Airports

Laos Airports
Laos Airports

1.Luang Prabang International Airport 

Gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage listed Luang Prabang, the city’s international airport is located just 4 kilometers from the centre of town. Currently the airport is only able to accommodate smaller aircraft but after a runway extension programme started in 2011 is completed in 2013 the airstrip will be appropriate for larger aircraft.Luang-Prabang-International-Airport-

The terminal building is rather old looking and somewhat run-down but it is reported to be one of the friendliest airports in the world and the facilities are limited but adequate as it is unlikely you will be spending too much time on stop-over in Luang Prabang.

The airport hosts regular scheduled flights for Bangkok Airways, Lao Airlines and Vietnam Airlines.

2.Pakse International Airport 

Pakse is one of the largest towns in Laos and a major transportation hub for southern quarters of the country. Once the capital of southern Laos you should fly into Pakse International Airport to reach the scenic Bolaven Plateau or Si Phan Don. In 2010 the airport was closed for major construction works and reopened later that year to once again receive scheduled flights from Vientiane, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap.Pakxe_Airport_Laos3. Wattay International Airport (Vientiane)

Wattay International Airport, one of the few international airports in Laos, located 3 km (2 mi) outside of the city centre of its capital, Vientiane. The airport consists of an old and small domestic terminal and a new international terminal. A single terminal building houses arrivals and departures for domestic flights and a new terminal building services international flights. At one end of the terminal is a military installation which is off-limits to everyday passengers. The terminals have been upgraded in recent years to provide more comfortable facilities and more services for travellers.

Wattay International Airport services regular scheduled flights for Lao Airlines, Thai Airways International, Air Asia, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines.Watty Airport