Climate and Weather in Laos

Climate and Weather in Laos
Climate and Weather in Laos

For a traveler in Laos it is crucial to understand the weather and climate conditions that we experience here in Laos and Indochina throughout the year. As many information providers just tell you what others have told, we try to give you a wider picture of what the climate in Laos and Indochina has to offer for the traveler.2824895

The monsoon effected period lasts from May to October in which quite some rainfall is registered. It is humid and we find amazing structures of clouds as well as lush and green nature, full of life! Bring a raincoat and you will be fine as most roads are well maintained these days. If you can’t stand the humidity make sure you AC rooms booked ahead. July and August is experiencing quite a demand. September is the strongest rain month.Vang_Vieng1

After the monsoon period in Laos there is a dry period from November through to April, sometimes May even. This is what most people call the high season!! Means many other people on the hot spots, clear skies at least until january and later on a lot of mist, dust and slash an burn smoke in Lao mountain areas. Great temperatures easy to travel, cool evenings, clear rivers (not the Mekong) and highest room rates you can expect!Vang-Vieng-Laos.-Author-Prince-Roy.-Licensed-under-the-Creative-Commons-Attribution

From March until the approaching monsoon which can actually vary quite a bit, the country (Laos and Cambodia) experiences its hottest and very dry weather. The best time to visit Laos is the time you can handle best and depends very much on your expectations and information gathered before you travel. hottest period

Since Laos climate is considered hot and tropical lightweights and rainwear is recommended. If you are going to visit Laos during the month of November to mid- February it is advisable to wear warmer clothing particularly if you are traveling to the highland areas. Light clothing is advisable during the hot and humid season. For women, it is sensible to avoid clothing that bears thigh, shoulders or breast; long trousers, walking shorts and skirts are advisable.

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