Luang Say Residence

Luang Say Residence
Luang Say Residence

Luang Say Residence is considered as the second luxury hotel among 65 ones in Laos. The Luang Say Residence reflects the elegant aspects of life in the colonial era. With its blend of Indochinese and French architecture, beautifully furnished, spacious suites, delectable cuisine and leisurely hours spent in tropical gardens or in the pool, the hotel encompasses the enchantment of Luang Prabang.Luang Say

The atmosphere at The Luang Say Residence is tranquil with generously-sized suites decorated in colonial style. Find a shady spot in the tropical gardens and relax surrounded by lily-filled ponds, banana palms and exotic flowers.tropical-gardens

Then, return to your suite or the dining room and enjoy a delicious lunch before heading to the pool for a leisurely afternoon swim.Swimming Pool

Just minutes from Luang Say Residence is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang with 33 exquisite temples and the Royal Palace.00night

Wander through streets filled with the scent of frangipanis, past French colonial architecture to gold-coloured temples and monks in burnt sienna robes. End the day with an exquisite dinner in the hotel restaurant.

The Rooms 

The Luang Say Residence offers one –bedroom-suite. The suite offers a four-poster wooden bed with elegant covering adding a soft touch to the room. Each suite features the elegant exotic wooden furniture and contemporary comfort includes its own open lounge on the terrace and sliding windows open onto the garden. Linen, velvets, silk fabrics, Italian wallpaper, vintage gravures and postcards send you back in time. The elegant-grey sandstone floored is equipped with a shower and an ancient double vanity unit. A large entrance and a dressing complete the space.luang-say-residence-suites-room   Key facilities 

  • Bar
  • Car Parking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Air Conditioning
  • Airport Shuttle

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