Laos informations

Laos informations

geography, cultures and festivals in Laos

That Luang Festival

That Luang Festival is dubbed as the most significant festival of the year in Laos. It is held at the most religious monument of Pha That Luang or the Golden Stupa.
A traditional Laos home

The unique characteristic of a traditional Laos home has a direct impression on the Laos people and their live hoods that is different from the present mixed architecture of tradition and modernism.
Laos transportation

Transportation would not be a problem during your Laos tours. Laos possesses a number of modern transportation systems, including several highways and a number...
Climate and Weather in Laos

For a traveler in Laos it is crucial to understand the weather and climate conditions that we experience here in Laos and Indochina throughout...
Laos Geography

Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) is located in the heart of the Indochinese peninsular, in Southeast Asia, at a latitude of 14 to...
Laos Airports

1.Luang Prabang International Airport  Gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage listed Luang Prabang, the city’s international airport is located just 4 kilometers from the centre...
Laos Festivals & Events (Part 2)

Rocket Festival (Boun Bang Fai) This is a fun festival when many villages get together and fire huge homemade rockets into the sky to...
Laos Festivals & Events

Laos is a land of festivals and celebrations. The people love any excuse to have a party or family get together, but while they...

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